Introduction to the Site

Maverick Chen

33°41’05.3”N 118°01’24.6”W

Welcome to Bolsa Chica

History: The Bolsa Chica Wetlands have been home to many different peoples and has survived the touch of man throughout the ages. From being the home to Native Americans, to the Spanish missions, to the Bolsa Chica Gun Club, and even the discovery of oil in the region

Our site rests near the Harriett M. Wieder Regional Park in Huntington Beach, within walking distance of the parking lot. The size of the site is 196’ by 120’. The area is developing with gated communities adjacent to the site and is within walking distance from the beach. West of the site, down the road, are the wetlands now occupied by oil pump drills, but do not fret, they do not disturb the beautiful natural landscape too much. The site opens up to a beautiful panoramic scene, perfect for capturing gorgeous tableaus of the wetlands.

Guest Author: Maverick Chen