Touring the Conrad Hilton Foundation in Agoura Hills

On Friday, May 8th the Cal Poly Pomona students participating in the studio to design the Residential Environmental Science Campus for Joshua Tree National Park, toured the Conrad Hilton Foundation building in Agoura Hills, California. The tour of the highly-sustainable Conrad Hilton Foundation, allowed the students to experience many of the sustainable design strategies with which their only exposure to this point had been in lecture classes. One of the takeaways of the field trip was standing in the natural cooling tower and experiencing the breeze produced only by natural ventilation.

The Conrad Hilton Foundation building, designed by ZGF Architects, marks the first-phase of a four-phase campus construction project that will set a precedent for environmental stewardship and work towards conserving the natural resources on a 70-acre campus. The building is narrow to maximize the opportunities for natural lighting, utilizes natural ventilation systems, window shading, high-efficiency HVAC and lighting systems, and solar panels to chart the path towards net zero energy use.

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