Branding and Marketing Your Program

A key benefit to implementing a sustainability program is the ability to market the building portfolio as sustainable, energy efficient or green. The marketing plan for a sustainable building will be similar to that of a traditional marketing plan in that it will involve identifying targets, differentiating the brand and providing superior value relative to competitors. Consider incorporating the following steps into your existing marketing planning efforts …

Target tenants desiring green building space.

Use your building portfolio to target tenants with “green space” needs – those who are required to lease space in order to meet internal sustainability goals – which may lead to increased occupancy or leasing velocity and, in turn, increased lease prices.

Demonstrate value over competitors.

Communicate the value of buildings that have implemented sustainability programs: decreased operation costs and a smaller environmental impact. Buildings with these features are more attractive to tenants than similar buildings in the area ­– be sure to highlight the benefits of leasing from your organization over your competitors.

Quantify the sustainability program.

“Talk is cheap” – and potential clients can easily be turned off by potential greenwashing. Provide quantitative evidence of the success and scale of your sustainability program through exact numbers on decreased tenant energy bills, reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, water conservation measures, etc.

Emphasize ongoing improvements.

Use your marketing plan to communicate your commitment to sustainability as an ongoing process. Make clear to potential clients that their building may be much more efficient and cost effective a few years from now, and that they will be on the leading edge of sustainable building – now and in the future.