The Business Case for Sustainability

Simple, inexpensive building modifications and behavioral changes can:

  • Help decrease operating expenses for most building owners and tenants
  • Positively impact rental rates while attracting sustainability-minded tenants
  • Increase positive PR
  • Be offset by incentives and state programs
In the future, the industry may also consider inefficient buildings and those without sustainability practices to be obsolete. Consider this:
  • From 2007–2010, LEED certified office space grew from 200 million square feet to 1.3 billion square feet.
  • McGraw-Hill predicts that 25–33% of all new commercial construction activity will be green (up from 7–12% in 2010).
  • The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) estimates the total amount of LEED certified building space will grow at an annual rate of 75% through 2013.

Choose this option if you own or manage just one building, or have the authority to implement change for one or more buildings in your portfolio.

Choose this option if you need to build consensus, involve several people in your organization, or want a program designed for your entire portfolio.