Step 4: Develop an Action Plan

An action plan greatly improves the likelihood that the team implements measures on time and on budget, and it ensures the team spends time planning and thinking through implementation issues and the respective effort required. It will also increase the likelihood of setting reasonable expectations.

Develop a project plan, budget and communication plan.

This toolkit’s Building Action Plan template incorporates key information such as a project plan with milestones, goals, budget and other resource requirements. Have the team use the management tools they use for other projects.

The plan should include:

  • Overall project vision and goals
  • Scope
  • Budget
  • Selected initiatives
  • Major assigned tasks
  • Timing/significant project milestones
  • Other resources (including those that need to be purchased)

Develop a project plan, budget and communication plan.

As the team considers tasks, think about supporting steps that will aid the outcome, such as required stakeholder communication to tenants. See an example Tenant Memo here. The Green Tenant Guide includes other engagement strategies.

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