Step 5: Act, Track Progress and Communicate

Planning is great if the project can be successfully implemented. As plans are put into place, progress must be tracked and measured and successes should ultimately be communicated.

Execute the plan (act).

While it sounds simple, ensuring that tasks are being completed, issues are being resolved in a timely manner and progress is being tracked will make the entire implementation run more smoothly.

Monitor results (track).

Project leadership should review progress toward major milestones and larger goals on a regular basis. Their follow-up and engagement will not only help expedite progress, but others will note management’s involvement and commitment to the project.

Communicate results.

Ensure that all stakeholders are kept informed of progress. While this sounds simple, it is one of the easiest steps to let slip when people start having competing demands on their time. It is important because it will keep others engaged and encourage everyone to execute their parts of the plan. Click here for an example Internal Success Memo which can be tailored to communicate sustainability project success stories both within the building and to the ownership.

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