Measure Finder

We prepared this Office Building Improvement Toolkit specifically for small to mid-size office building owners.  A key tenet to our approach is practicality.  We assume reduced building operating costs and/or attaining LEED™ certification may be two of the primary motivations incenting buildings to pursue sustainability.  We have developed this list of measures with that in mind.  There are hundreds of ways to make a building more sustainable.  We narrowed the list of measures to those that tended to be higher benefit and low/no cost or effort based upon the experience of other business owners and our own experience.    Criteria considered included:

  • Typical cost of implementation
  • Net relative impact of the measure
  • Ability to lower monthly operating expenses
  • Ease/practicality of typical implementations
  • Potential to raise LEED score
  • Ability to be implemented by owner/property manager/building engineer with minimum tenant engagement

This toolkit summarizes each selected measure in a table highlighting a number of attributes including: category, type, cost of implementation, benefit, primary actors involved, and impact on tenants.   

Look out for our Measure Finder Tool, coming soon. For now, you can download the full list of measures (PDF).