Step 2: Establish Sustainability Roles and Responsibilities

Organizational team members play a number of different roles during the implementation of a Portfolio Sustainability Program.The size of the organization will determine the number of people that may be involved, since some people can play multiple roles on smaller teams. Assignable sustainability roles follow.

Sustainability Champion

  • Is in an executive level or ownership position (in small organizations)
  • Outlines the visions and determines high-level sustainability goals for portfolio
  • Aligns portfolio vision/goals with the corporate vision/goals
  • Aligns vision/goals with the businesses’ financial, sustainability and operational/tenant satisfaction vision/goals
  • Implements day-to-day efforts and ensures deadlines are met

Sustainability Project Lead

  • Has the authority to successfully implement sustainability initiatives and measures
  • Executes strategy and delivers on goals and objectives

Asset Managers

  • Collaborate with Sustainability Project Lead
  • Manage the leasing and overall financial performance of the property
  • Integrate sustainability into leasing
  • Evaluate and approve measures and initiatives

Property/Building Managers

  • Responsible for overseeing building upgrades
  • Report to owner
  • Must “red-flag” issues that arise during program implementation
  • Should be involved in the process early
  • Must be informed of changes or modifications to vision, goals or strategy

Lead Engineer

  • Plays a large role in assessment of buildings, identification of opportunities and implementation of measures
  • Guides the program from a technical level
  • Should be involved early to ensure optimal equipment installation/operation

Supporting Roles

  • Individuals working at the building sites – such as operations and maintenance staff and third-party contractors
  • Will likely report to Property and/or Building Managers
  • Provide status updates on implementation of sustainability measures

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