Step 6: Track Progress and Communicate Success

Regardless of the size of the portfolio and size of the organization, the Building Ownership Team should track portfolio-level progress and communicate successes across the organization and to all stakeholders. This success and positive proof points will encourage others to take similar steps.

Track progress.

During implementation, the Property and Building Managers should track savings and performance against the sustainability measures previously created and report progress back to the Sustainability Project Lead so that progress can be aggregated and communicated.

Identify successes, opportunities and next steps.

From the aggregated portfolio data, the Sustainability Project Lead should gauge the success of the program and summarize lessons learned. First-time sustainability programs will generate many lessons learned for all members of the Sustainability Team.

The Sustainability Project Lead and Property and Building Managers should meet regularly to identify the most effective measures. The Sustainability Project Lead should also use these meetings to identify measures that are not meeting expectations. (For smaller teams, the Portfolio Sustainability Program might be discussed at regular operational meetings.)

Over time, the Sustainability Project Lead should use this information to refine sustainability strategies and replicate successful measures portfolio-wide.

Communicate successes internally.

The Sustainability Project Lead shouldimplement an internal communication strategy to build and maintain project momentum. Start by reporting project successes and thanking engaged staff and managers to encourage future engagement. Gather feedback from involved members to streamline future program efforts.

While probably not necessary for most small to mid-size portfolio owners, larger companies may produce corporate sustainability reports. Corporate sustainability reports are a critical step for providing transparency and communicating results to all stakeholders. The elements (listed here) of these reports may also be useful for internal communication purposes.

Click here for an example Internal Success Memo that can be tailored to the right message for your organization.

Market successes externally.

The success of the Portfolio Sustainability Program presents a unique opportunity for positive marketing and advertising of both the organization and the portfolio to existing and potential tenants, as well as other community stakeholders. Work with marketing and communication teams to ensure that the program’s successes are communicated outside the organization.

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