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Building Improvement Planning

Download these tools to help mid-size building owners and their teams develop a building-specific sustainability program. 

Measure Finder Tool
Serves as a filter to enable the user to identify a unique set of measures to meet his or her building’s needs. The tool will draw from the “List of Measures.”

Building Sustainability Program Kickoff
A sample presentation to be used by a team or individual launching a sustainability or energy efficiency program within a building

A summarized list of sustainability measures incorporated into this tool. Measures are grouped by those that will provide immediate operating cost savings and those that can help to achieve other sustainability goals. Detailed information is provided around each measure.

Building Assessment Tool and Improvement Calculator
A spreadsheet providing a checklist-type approach for building assessment. It was designed to capture many of the opportunities that might be available to a building for self-assessment. It has placeholders to accept cost and savings data so that payback tradeoffs can be immediately compared. The calculator is a spreadsheet that allows users to determine the internal rate of return (IRR), net present value (NPV), payback period, annual cost savings and annual energy savings for energy efficiency measures that are considered for implementation

Sustainability Metrics
Optional metrics that can be adopted at the building level to measure progress towards sustainability goals

SMART Goal Creator
A worksheet for developing effective goals

Building Action Plan
A PowerPoint presentation template that accumulates the key points that should be communicated to the building team and can be tailored to meet specific audience needs. It provides a framework for explaining the sustainability measures selected for implementation at the property.

Building Certifications
Additional information on programs such as LEED and ENERGY STAR

Memo to Tenants
This example memo addresses changes that tenants may be seeing, attempts to start the education process and solicits their cooperation in the sustainability initiative.

Internal Success Memo
An example of how programmatic success can be communicated internally across a group of buildings and that can be tailored to be from whomever is leading the sustainability initiative

Portfolio Sustainability Program

Provides a six-step process for defining internal goals and creating the infrastructure needed to establish a sustainability program across a portfolio of buildings

Portfolio Assessment Tool
Helps you determine and prioritize opportunities across a portfolio

Memo to Senior Management
Includes key points that can be made to seek approval for implementation

Sustainability Branding and Marketing
Offers guidance on how buildings should consider branding their sustainability efforts to the market

Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Provides additional guidance on how sustainability can be reported externally for a building or a series of buildings

More Sustainability Program Tools

Written Policies and Procedures
Covers Lighting, HVAC/Indoor Environment, Water, Waste Management, Procurement, Site and Green Leasing

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