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Pat Stoner
Pat Stoner

Pat Stoner is a self-professed networker. And it’s just this proclivity that makes him the ideal fit for his work with the Local Government Commission (LGC). Mr. Stoner first came to the LGC in 1993, after earning a degree in Resource Development from Michigan State. Over the years Mr. Stoner has been at the center of the creation of a number of collaborative local government enterprises and activities that brought cohesion and the attendant strength that comes from sharing knowledge. His prowess as an information conduit, resource librarian and general local government network hub serves him well in his current role as the Statewide Local Government Energy Efficiency Best Practices Coordinator.

As Coordinator, Mr. Stoner develops and distributes best practices case studies on energy efficiency policies and programs that help local governments implement their climate action plans, track progress towards meeting the local government goals of California’s Long-Term Energy Efficiency Strategic Plan, and serve as a resource to help local government energy programs achieve success.  Mr. Stoner also advises California’s investor-owned utilities on an annual statewide local government energy efficiency forum produced by the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC).

Mr. Stoner recently sat down with the Alliance to discuss his experiences and thoughts on the critical role local governments play in achieving California’s energy and sustainability goals, the power of information sharing, and his three proudest accomplishments which are regional energy offices, the Local Government Sustainable Energy Coalition and a long-standing energy network group.  Following are his comments on:

  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Practices for Local Governments
  • Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Resources for Local Governments
  • His Proudest Accomplishments:
    • Regional Energy Offices
    • Local Energy Sustainable Coalition
    • Energy Networking Meetings
  • The Alliance as Part of the Local Government Resource Network
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