Options Matrix

Establishing Realistic and Achievable Greening Options

Realistic and achievable greening options should be established over the entire leased portfolio. This means that different options will need to be examined for different lease types (HQ vs. sales offices, midterm vs. new leases, Triple Net vs. Gross, etc.).

The Options Matrix assists the tenant in identifying baseline green objectives to pursue through the leasing process. These tools are meant to provide tenants with an understanding of baseline green objectives that constitute achievable lease-based goals, based on generalized elements of their lease profiles.

It is important to note that each lease negotiation will be unique. This tool should not discourage a tenant from pursuing a green option that it feels is attainable or important.

Download a sample Options Matrix, and then develop your own based on your organization’s various lease types and preferred mix of sustainability options.

Option Matrix
Green lease options – each lease will have unique objectives