The LGOP Manual

The LGOP Manual helps local governments quantify and report greenhouse gas emissions associated with their operations by providing standardized principles, approach, methodology, and procedures.

The LGOP Toolkit parallels the LGOP Manual. Each numbered Equation, Figure, and Table in the toolkit points to a similarly numbered section within the manual. For instance, material related to equation 6.8 in the LGOP Toolkit can be found in Chapter 6, Section 8 of the LGOP Manual.

A local government (LG) should first determine the limits of its GHG inventory. The LGOP recommends one of two criteria: operational control criterion, the LG inventories the GHG of all activities, facilities, and vehicles for which it either owns or for which it has full authority to implement operational health of safety measures. Under the financial control criterion, the LG inventories the GHGs of all activities from facilities it either owns or to which it has the financial rights. Within an LG there may be assets which count under both, one, or neither of these inventory boundaries (See Chapter 3).

To learn more about the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions inventories view the full LGOP protocol