Biofuels, Waste Fuels, and Biomass

Calculating Emissions from Biofuels, Waste Fuels, and Biomass

The LGO Protocol requires local governments to identify, quantify, and report biomass CO2 emissions as biogenic emissions separate from fossil fuel emissions. CO2 emissions from biomass combustion (e.g. wood, landfill gas, ethanol, etc.) are tracked separately because the carbon in biomass is of a biogenic origin – meaning that it was recently contained in living organic matter – while the carbon in fossil fuels has been trapped in geologic formations for millennia. For additional information, please refer to Chapter 4.5 in the LGO Protocol.

Examples of biogenic emissions sources and their quantification guidelines are below:

Biofuels (e.g. landfill gas, biosolids, wood, and wood waste)

Waste fuels (e.g. municipal solid waste)

Biomass Co-Firing in a Unit with CEMS (continuous emission monitoring system)