Transmission & Distribution Losses

Scope 2 Emissions from Transmission and Distribution Losses (Chapter 8.3)

If a local government purchase (rather than generate) electricity and transport it through a T&D system that it owns/controls, emissions associated with T&D losses must be reported as indirect Scope 2 emissions.

To estimate these emissions, follow the same procedure described in Electricity Use. In Step 1, use electricity used in the T&D system (T&D losses) as the quantity of electricity used. In Step 2, use either a generator-specific emission factor or a grid-average emission factor.

Fugitive emissions, which are unintentional releases of GHGs (e.g. from joints, seals, etc.), at power generation facilities may include:

o    SF6 from electricity transmission and distribution systems
o    CH4 from fuel handling, storage, transmission and distribution
o    HFCs from air conditioning and refrigeration systems (both stationary and mobile)
o    HFCs from fire suppression equipment