LGOP Solid Waste Facilities

Many local governments provide solid waste services to their communities, including collection, transportation, management of recycling/composting programs, and management of landfills. This section of the LGOP provides guidance on estimating only the Scope 1 fugitive CH4 emissions released from landfills that contain organic waste. Other sections of the LGOP should be used to calculate emissions from other activities related to solid waste (e.g., electricity use, stationary combustion, and vehicle fleet).
This protocol applies only to those local governments that have operational or financial control over a landfills.  Local governments that contract with third parties do not have operational or financial control, and so have the option of either not addressing such emissions, or of quantifying and reporting them as Scope 3 emissions.

Chapter 9 of the LGOP provides four different methodologies for estimating CH4 fugitive emissions from landfills, depending on the type of landfill gas (LFG) collection system that is in place:

Landfills with no LFG collection system (Chapter 9.3.1)

Landfills with comprehensive LFG collection system (Chapter 9.3.2)

Landfills with partial LFG collection system (Chapter 9.3.3)

Optional reporting using surface measurements data (Chapter 9.3.4)

Note: For local governments that do not have facility-specific data to use, default values are provided for many variables.