LGOP Vehicles

A local government’s vehicle fleet may contain a wide array of on-and off-road vehicles such as automobiles, trucks, buses, trains, ships and other marine vessels, airplanes, construction equipment, and groundskeeping equipment. These mobile combustion sources may use a variety of fossil fuels that emit carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), and nitrous oxide (N2O).

The quantity of CO2 emissions is directly related to the quantity of fuel combusted and thus can be calculated using fuel consumption data. CH4 and N2O emissions depend more on the emission control technologies employed in the vehicle and distance traveled. 

The LGOP provides guidance on calculating all GHGs emissions from the vehicle fleet:

o    Mobile combustion Scope 1 CO2 emissions (Chapter 7.1.1)
o    Biogenic CO2 emissions from the combustion of biofuels (Chapter 7.1.2)
o    Mobile combustion Scope 1 CH4 and N2O emissions (Chapter 7.1.3.)
o    Emissions from non-highway vehicles (Chapter 7.2)
o    Emissions from alternative fuel vehicles (Chapter 7.3)
o    Scope 1 fugitive emissions from mobile air conditioning (Chapter 7.4)

The public transit fleet must be reported separately from the all-other-vehicle fleet.