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Building Workforce Housing: Meeting San Francisco's Challenge

Prepared for the City of San Francisco, this report assesses strategies that other cities have identified as effective approaches to support the production of workforce housing. The report begins by explaining the current housing crisis in San Francisco and goes on to identify ten other cities that have introduced successful workforce housing development programs. A case study, including program details, is described for each city. The report concludes with recommended best practices based on the findings of the study, including the specific benefits of each practice.

Green Building and Sustainability Resources

An extensive list of resources and references for all sectors of the green building industry.

Myths and Facts About Affordable and High Density Housing

This report reviews common misconceptions and actual outcomes associated with affordable and high density housing development. Case studies model the impact of affordable and high density residential development. Includes a resources page for affordable housing practitioners.

Housing Element Questions and Answers: A Guide to the Preparation of Housing Elements

This document provides recommendations for how to adequately address all the requirements in a Housing Element, including policies, plans and development standards to reduce local energy demand.

Mark-to-Market Green Initiative Pilot Program

An introduction to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)'s Green Initiative, a nationwide pilot program to encourage owners and purchasers of affordable and multifamily properties to rehabilitate and operate their properties using sustainable green building principles. The Health Housing approach pioneered by HUD is incorporated within the green building principles.