New Green Procurement Toolkit and Guide Launched


Sacramento, CA — September 8, 2010 — The California Sustainability Alliance releases the Local Government Green Procurement Toolkit and Guide to assist local governments in adopting environmentally friendly procurement plans.

“Research shows that green products frequently cost no more than other products but produce ongoing savings,” said Craig McDonald, Managing Director with Navigant Consulting’s Energy practice. “By weighing not only the purchase price of a product but also its lifecycle cost and sustainability, green procurement policies can help local governments save money, create local green jobs, and reduce their environmental footprint.”

The toolkit incorporates case studies of eight leading local governments in California and Washington. In addition, it outlines steps for greening procurement policies and includes a variety of resources such as:

  • Draft policy language
  • Sample green bid specifications
  • Best practices from local, state and federal governments across the country
  • Information on eco‐labeling and links to public and private eco‐labeling programs
  • Listings of environmental preferable products and vendors with rankings across 23 sustainability criteria
  • Sustainability case studies

While the toolkit and guide are tailored for local government applications, all organizations can benefit from the policies, processes, and practical resources featured. View or download the Local Government Green Procurement Toolkit or Guide.

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