New Resources for Local Governments Released


Sacramento, CA – July 6, 2010-- The California Sustainability Alliance recently released new resources to assist local governments in achieving their sustainability goals. These include the Local Government Resources Toolkit and new information on Emerald Riverside’s innovative sustainability programs.

The Alliance presents a new toolkit called the Local Government Resources Toolkit. The toolkit helps cities and counties identify and locate tools to help their communities meet sustainability goals. These tools consist of informational reports, calculators, and funding opportunities available from the state and federal government, utilities, and other organizations. The tools cover topics such as community development, housing, transportation, greenhouse gasses, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and water efficiency and sustainability.

The Toolkit is designed for use by local government staff that are looking for a simple portal that identifies select useful sustainability resources. The toolkit is meant to serve as a first stop for such resources when local governments are looking for assistance in achieving their sustainability goals.

New information is also available on the Emerald California Pilot Program. Through the Emerald California program, the California Sustainability Alliance has worked collaboratively with Riverside and the California Department of Conservation to identify opportunities to “stretch” the City’s existing sustainability goals in eight high priority policy areas.  New information documents the City of Riverside’s efforts to reach these “stretch” goals and serves as an example of best practices for other communities in California.

Riverside developed a Sustainable Action Plan which provides a framework for implementing Riverside’s policy vision. The City’s innovative Sustainability Programs target energy and water efficiency, waste reduction, and green economic development. Riverside is making use of innovative technologies such as a “grease to gas” program to generate electricity and a planned recycled water facility to reduce dependency on groundwater and imported water. Unique to Riverside’s efforts is a sophisticated Marketing and Communications Strategy including websites dedicated to energy and water sustainability as well as a weekly “Green Power” radio show.

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