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June 12, 2009 - Sacramento, CA — The California Sustainability Alliance, a market transformation program managed by Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: NCI), in partnership with Public Technology Institute (PTI), has released its latest report Sustainability Programs, Strategies and Tools Used by California Local Governments.

To help local officials in California successfully develop and implement sustainability plans, the Alliance and PTI conducted a survey of California cities to determine their needs for sustainability benchmarking tools.

The survey, conducted in April-May 2009, examined the level of sustainability adoption among California cities, what sustainability benchmarking tools cities are now using, how these tools are working for local officials, and what additional functionality these tools need to support the development and implementation of sustainability plans and actions. Seventy-six (18%) of the 480 California cities contacted responded to the survey.

The survey found:


  • 67% of respondents indicated that their communities strongly support sustainability;

    The complete report contains detailed analysis of the survey results and is divided into categories of:

    The analysis goes on to identify trends and leading practices in energy efficiency, water efficiency, renewable energy, greenhouse gas reduction, waste reduction and recycling, smart growth and planning, and smart transportation.

    The 69-page survey report is available in PDF format at no charge from the California Sustainability Alliance and from PTI.

    In addition to the survey of sustainability activities in California cities, PTI conducted a separate national survey of PTI member local governments. This national survey report will be released in the fall of 2009.

    About Public Technology Institute (PTI)

    Public Technology Institute is a national, non-profit technology research organization. Created by and for cities and counties, PTI promotes innovation and collaboration for thought-leaders in government, and advances the use of technology to improve the management and delivery of services to the citizen. For more information visit

    • 55% responded that there is very strong leadership support within their cities for sustainability programs;
    • Water and energy efficiency were included among the top three sustainability priorities by more than half of the respondents. Water efficiency was selected by 21 cities as their very top sustainability priority. Eleven cities selected energy efficiency as their top priority while 20 cities selected energy efficiency as their second highest priority.
    • Level of organizational commitment;
    • Capabilities and adoption;
    • Existing sustainability programs;
    • Progress of sustainability programs, and
    • Sustainability tools and strategies.
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