New Water Energy Content Launched


San Francisco, CA — January 10, 2011 — The California Sustainability Alliance has released updated content in the Water-Energy Program to foster a greater understanding of California’s water-energy issues.

California’s water-energy nexus is complex and subject to many external stresses.  The problems the water and energy industries face will only get worse as climate change threatens to alter precipitation patterns and water availability in California.  A 2005 report by the California Energy Commission concluded that “[A] major portion of the solution is closer coordination between the energy and water sectors.”

To foster the goal of greater coordination and understanding, the Alliance has updated and re-launched the Water-Energy Program content of its website with new information regarding the critical relationship between water and energy in California.  The new content highlights the opportunities California has for reducing the energy intensity of the state’s water use cycle, identifies key measures for both water agencies and end users to reduce their water-related energy use, and discusses the regulatory challenges facing water providers striving to save energy as well as high priority policy strategies for overcoming them. 

The new content also contains key Alliance resources, including a recent report on the importance of accelerating and increasing the development and use of recycled water in California and information on the best practices of water agencies receiving a Sustainability Showcase Award from the Alliance.

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