Press Release: Green Leases Toolkit 2.0


Sacramento, CA – August 12, 2009 - The California Sustainability Alliance, a market transformation program managed by Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: NCI), has released the newest version of the highly regarded Green Leases Toolkit. The Green Leases Toolkit 2.0 provides greater assistance to tenants and landlords of commercial real estate working to overcome barriers to “greening” leased office space. Included in the new release are best practices to assist landlords with the leasing process as well as examples of green work letters, green marketing materials, and information for tracking and monitoring the efficiency of buildings.

The Green Leases Toolkit 2.0 also contains the Toolkit’s original tools and templates which incorporate all aspects of the leasing process, from establishment of leasing criteria to final lease terms and provides sample policies, goals, checklists, tools and techniques to help tenants and landlords establish a strong dialogue and commence the path to greening commercial office space in California. “We see many more tenants actively seeking green space, and most new commercial buildings are being designed to very high standards,” explained Sean Ivery, a Director in Navigant Consulting’s Construction & Real Estate Practice. “Our clients are very interested in greening their leased space but face considerable barriers.

The Toolkit provides practical advice and tools designed to help tenants and landlords develop and implement technologies and policies that support sustainable office environments." Despite California’s leadership in the development of green buildings, only thirteen percent of all commercial office space in California is presently certified ‘green.’ The Toolkit provides a framework for landlords and tenants to work together in reducing the environmental footprint of their facilities. These strategies provide operating cost savings, enhanced productivity, a healthy environment, and increased asset values. The Toolkit was developed by the California Sustainability Alliance with the assistance of real estate industry experts. To learn more or download the Green Leases Toolkit 2.0, go to:

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