Press Release: Showcase Features the University of CA

The California Sustainability Alliance Announces the University of California
as a Recipient of The Excellence in Sustainability Showcase Award

January 14, 2009 — The California Sustainability Alliance, a market transformation program managed by Navigant Consulting, Inc. (NYSE: NCI), announced today that it has selected the University of California as one of three recipients of its Excellence in Sustainability Showcase Award.

The Sustainability Showcase highlights the efforts of organizations in California that are leading the way towards the state’s sustainable future.  Since 2002, the University of California has worked with students, employees and campus administrators to develop a wide range of sustainability policies addressing climate change, clean energy, green building, sustainable transportation, environmental purchasing and waste reduction on its 10 campuses.

In 2003, the UC Board of Regents approved a system-wide Green Building Policy and Clean Energy Standards based on the initially student-led effort, calling for the University to adopt principles of energy efficiency and sustainability in its capital projects, purchase green power, promote energy efficiency, and invest in local renewable energy sources.  Since then, the UC has implemented energy efficiency projects that will now save an estimated $12 million annually, and has gained further national recognition by demonstrating the unique role that higher education can play in addressing sustainability issues.

"Thanks to the leadership of students, faculty, staff, and the Regents, the University of California has embraced sustainability and continues to transform business practices to further reduce our environmental impact and fight global warming,” stated UC President Mark G. Yudof. “We’re grateful for this recognition of our efforts and hope that it will help to bring more attention to sustainability efforts throughout California.”

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