Utility Roundtable & Green Building Barometer Content


Sacramento, CA – August 25, 2010--California prides itself on having set some of the most ambitious clean energy and climate goals in the nation, but how can we be sure these goals are becoming reality? To help track the state’s progress on greening its commercial office buildings, the Alliance has launched a Green Building Barometer, which reports the percentage of rentable building area certified green through LEED® or ENERGY STAR®. As of April, 43% of Class A commercial space was certified green. Class B and C buildings have improved since last year, but they still have a long way to go, with less than 7% of Class B buildings and less than 1% of Class C buildings certified green. Check back often as we monitor our state’s progress!

The Alliance is also pleased to announce the release of its second Utility Sustainability Roundtable Report. While energy efficiency programs are essential to meeting our state’s aggressive climate goals, many questions remain about how best to implement these programs in the face of changing regulations, technologies, and customer attitudes. Is energy efficiency best implemented on its own or as part of comprehensive sustainability programs? What technological and regulatory barriers remain? How will smart grids change the relationship between consumers and their utilities? In May, the Alliance convened a dozen representatives from utilities around the country for a roundtable discussion on these and other questions. Download the 2010 report, and take a look at the 2007 report to see how far we have come, and how much remains the same, since our last Utility Sustainability Roundtable.


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