Step 4: Establish Performance Measurement Program

The Sustainability Team should implement a performance measurement process for each building selected to participate in the sustainability program. This includes tracking a minimum set of defined metrics for each building. In order to track progress and ensure that the portfolio collectively meets goals, the Sustainability Team should establish a baseline, set targets and measure and record ongoing performance within each building.

Select metrics to track at building level.

The Sustainability Project Lead and relevant Building Managers should agree on a set of building-level metrics to track progress toward the sustainability goals, as well as ensuring that the metrics can be tracked by systems, processes and people without too much difficulty. This table includes examples of sustainability metrics that are relatively easy to track and are often used by sustainability programs.

Select metrics to track at building level.

The Sustainability Program Lead should consider incorporating national certification programs into the measurement process, such as LEED® or ENERGY STAR®. LEED focuses on sustainability, as well as energy and water efficiency, and provides comprehensive evaluation. ENERGY STAR assessments focus solely on energy efficiency and lack performance measurements for non-energy related sustainability improvements.

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