Green Building Toolkits

The California Sustainability Alliance has developed several toolkits and other resources that aid local governments in planning and implementing sustainable initiatives. These tools help local governments advance sustainability within their jurisdictions, which provides them with the opportunity to lead by example, positively influence their communities, and leverage local authority. These toolkits include:

Green Leases Toolkit

In 2009, the California Sustainability Alliance assembled an expert group of professionals with substantial experience in commercial real estate to develop and test strategies to overcome the significant barriers to greening the 90% of California’s commercial office space that is leased.  This effort focused on “green leasing”, i.e., integrating sustainability practices into the entire commercial leasing process.  This includes service provider selection; marketing of buildings, development of green specifications; request for proposal (RFP) and letter of intent (LOI) drafting; site selection and due diligence; and the negotiation and drafting of realistic and enforceable lease language. In 2017, the California Sustainability Alliance, in collaboration with Verdani Partners, updated the Green Leasing Toolkit with the latest industry guidance.

Class B Office Improvement Toolkit

The California Local Energy Efficiency Program (CALeep) is designed to help California’s local governments plan and implement highly effective energy efficiency initiatives in their communities. The beneficial economic and environmental impacts of energy efficiency initiatives naturally support many other public purpose goals, such as greenhouse gas reduction, job creation, water conservation and green buildings.

Class B Building Energy Efficiency Financing Calculator

Building owners interested in pursuing financing for their energy efficiency project will benefit from this new tool developed by the California Sustainability Alliance.  With the goal of bridging the gap between engineering analysis and financial reporting, the Alliance has developed an easy to use Energy Efficiency Financing Calculator which allows the user to input project data after completing an on-site audit. The calculator will generate a cash flow analysis that compares the high, expected, and low energy savings scenarios, thereby capturing the performance risk of a project.  The Energy Efficiency Financing Calculator also develops financial reports that can be easily printed as supporting documentation for a loan application.  Download the EE Financing Calculator.