The second annual California Sustainability Alliance Showcase Awards luncheon was hosted in Los Angeles, California in early February, 2010.  The 2009 Showcase Awards recognized and celebrated the success of organizations that demonstrate exemplary leadership in sustainable policies, programs, practices, and technologies.  The recipients were Jones Lang LaSalle, Los Angeles Housing Partnership, Town of Los Gatos, City of Santa Monica, County of San Diego, Sonoma County Water Agency, and Los Angeles Community College District.  The City of Santa Monica was also announced as the grand prize winner for their excellent sustainability achievements.  Award recipients, along with guest speakers, gathered at the event to celebrate and recognize these organizations' outstanding sustainability efforts.

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Checking in at the luncheon
Checking in at the luncheon
Attendees in conversation
Attendees in conversation at the Sustainability Showcase Awards
San Diego awarded
San Diego recognized for creating strong, stable, sustainable communities
Attendees in conversation
Bridgett Luther and Regina Falkner in conversation at the awards
Craig McDonald, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting
Craig McDonald, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting
Sonoma County Water Agency
Santa Monica awarded
Santa Monica recognized for implementation of sustainable practices in all aspects of local government
Brenden McEneaney and Laurie Park
Santa Monica's Brenden McEneaney with Laurie Park
Showcase Awards
Sustainability Showcase Awards
SCWA awarded
SCWA recognized for their commitment to provide carbon-free water by 2015
Santa Monica representatives at the Showcase Awards
Winner Jones Lang LaSalle
Jones Lang LaSalle: excellence in minimizing their clients' environmental impacts
Mona Field accepts award for LACCD
LACCD's Mona Field accepts the Sustainability Showcase Award
Santa Monica representatives Shannon Perry and Peter James, Esq.
Santa Monica's Shannon Perry and Peter James, Esq.
LAHP representatives
Los Angeles Housing Partnership
Cynthia Truelove and Laura Doll
Presenter Cynthia Truelove with Laura Doll
San Diego representatives with poster
County of San Diego representatives
Sarah Friedman accepting Jones Lang LaSalle's Sustainability Showcase Award
Presenter Craig Sheehy
Award presenter Craig Sheehy discusses importance of green building
Santa Monica representatives
Santa Monica representatives at the Showcase Awards
Steve Bushnell presenting
Steve Bushnell presenting the grand prize award to Santa Monica
Laurie Park, Senior Consultant, GEI Consultants
San Diego County's Peter Livingston accepting the large local government Sustainability Showcase Award
Los Gatos awarded
Los Gatos recognized for outstanding employee and community commitment to sustainability
Lisa Morinini
Lisa Morinini, President of LKM Associates
Santa Monica awarded grand prize
Santa Monica awarded grand prize winner for their outstanding sustainable efforts
Bridgett Luther presenting awards
Local government presenter Bridgett Luther
Regina Falkner accepting award
Los Gatos' Regina Falkner accepting the small local government Sustainability Showcase Award
LACCD winners with Craig Sheehy
LACCD recognized for excellent sustainability policies and practices
Dean Kubani accepting the Sustainability Showcase Award for the City of Santa Monica
Attendees enjoying the event
Steve Bushnell and Jones Lang LaSalle representatives enjoying the event
Presenters and award recipients
Presenters and award recipients
LAHP accepting award
LAHP recognized for early adoption and leadership in sustainability
SCWA and Los Gatos representatives
Los Gatos and Sonoma County Water Agency representatives
Mary Silverstein accepting award
LAHP's Mary Silverstein accepting the multifamily/affordable housing Sustainability Showcase Award