The 2010 Sustainability Showcase Awards Luncheon, held in February 2011, provided an intimate forum for thought leaders and industry experts to share ideas, network, and celebrate the accomplishments of the award winners. 

In addition to recognizing the successful sustainability policies, programs, practices and technologies being implemented by the winning organizations, the 2010 Showcase Awards Ceremony featured a sneak preview of a video series documenting the best practices of the 2009 Sustainability Showcase Awards Grand Prize Winner, the City of Santa Monica. Attendees also toured the event facility, the Southern California Gas Energy Resource Center, an award-winning building showcasing innovations in resource-efficient designs, materials and equipment.
Organizations honored at the awards ceremony were:
Balboa Park Cultural Partnership (Commercial Buildings)
Eden Housing (Multifamily Housing)
City of Chula Vista (Local Government)
Santa Clara Valley Water District (Water Agency)
EAH Housing (Multifamily Housing honorable mention)
City of Tulare (Local Government honorable mention)
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Attendees enjoying the recipient posters
Sempra Energy's Carlo Gavina conversing at the luncheon
Checking in at the luncheon
Brenden McEneaney introduces Santa Monica's, last years grand prize winner, sustainability videos
Alliance Advisor David Blanke presenting award to Eden Housing and EAH Housing
Balboa Park Cultural Partnership representatives conversing with Josh Arnold
Attendees enjoying the luncheon
Energy Resource Center in Downey, California
Alliance Advisor Jeff Stevens
City of Chula Vista's Councilmember Pamela Bensoussan accepting award from Alliance Advisor Shaun Dentice
Santa Clara Valley Water District's Sarah Young accepting award from Alliance Advisor Cynthia Truelove
City of Chula Vista representatives at the luncheon
City of Tulare's Lew Nelson accepting award from Alliance Advisor Shaun Dentice
Balboa Park Cultural Partnership representatives receiving award
California Sustainability Alliance's Program Director Craig McDonald
Sempra Energy's Frank Spasaro
Alliance Advisor Gary Gero presenting award to Balboa Park Cultural Partnership
Alliance Advisor Cynthia Truelove presenting award to Santa Clara Valley Water District
Eden Housing representatives at the Awards Luncheon
City of Tulare's Lew Nelson
Luncheon attendees conversing
Eden Housing's Linda Mandolini receiving award from Alliance Advisor David Blanke
Luncheon attendees touring the Energy Resource Center building