Burbank Water and Power

The EcoCampus re-created BWP's main campus into a new efficient and environmentally sustainable model.

For nearly 100 years, Burbank Water and Power (BWP) has been providing the City of Burbank, California with safe, reliable and affordable water and electric services. Serving 45,000 households and 6,000 businesses, BWP is a progressive organization that meets the needs of its community through responsible long-term planning and innovation.

A leader in energy policy, BWP was the first utility in the nation to adopt a commitment to 33 percent renewable energy attainment by 2020 and has a proud tradition of researching, investing in and incorporating new technology. BWP is evolving in order to continue to provide exceptional service at competitive rates to residents, businesses, and the community. Keeping a keen eye on innovative technologies and sustainability efforts, BWP constantly looks to find more sustainable ways to do business, lower dependence on fossil fuels, and develop clean, renewable energy sources.

BWP is committed to playing an active role in helping to preserve the nation’s natural resources for future generations while still meeting the growing demand for water and electricity. The modernization of the BWP campus – the EcoCampus project - is one example of BWP’s commitment to sustainability and accountability to its customers. The ambitious undertaking, which began more than a decade ago, incorporates technologies that reduce energy consumption, save water, serve as a model for other utilities, educate the public on conservation, and beautify the area.

Other notable BWP sustainability efforts include its Magnolia Power Plant, Smart Grid Program, and the installation of electric vehicle charging stations in Burbank.

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