Lake Street Green Street

Silva Cell System.

In 2011, BWP’s streetscape renovation project turned Burbank’s Lake Street, between Magnolia Blvd. and Olive Ave., into a green street – a showcase of five new storm water management systems and energy efficient LED lighting.  Its goals were to:

  • Showcase innovative stormwater treatment technologies to the community
  • Create an attractive streetscape that enhances the pedestrian experience
  • Not lose any parking along the street
  • Meet the mandated stormwater quality requirements

Five different technologies were used to capture stormwater run-off. They work together to help BWP achieve its goal of a zero runoff campus where all stormwater falling on the campus is percolated back into the aquifer.

  1. Permeable Pavers & Gravel Reservoir: These pavers allow surface water to drain into their sub-base through gaps or joints placed between each paver. 
  2. Infiltration Planter Bump-Outs: Bump-outs slow down the speed of traveling water, allowing for more effective stormwater capture.
  3. Filtration Planters at Open Space: These planters are structural landscaped reservoirs used to collect, filter, and/or infiltrate stormwater runoff, allowing pollutants to settle and filter out as the water percolates through the planter soil before infiltrating into the ground.
  4. Silva Cell System: Silva Cell for trees create an underground frame that can bear traffic loads and offers ample root space that allows urban trees to grow into large and beautiful specimens.
  5. Kristar Tree Pod System: Tree box that serves the important function of filtering out ultra-fine and dissolved pollutants that are normally found in stormwater runoff. 

Other important components of the Lake Street Green Street project include using recycled water for all landscaping on the property and lighting the campus area using LED technology. 

Learn more about capturing rain water on Lake Street here.

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