Magnolia Power Plant

BWP’s Magnolia Power Plant is the only plant in the world to operate on 100 percent recycled water.

The Magnolia Power Plant (MPP) was awarded the 2005 International Power Plant of the Year and is truly unique in the world. Two state-of-the-art water treatment systems allow MPP to operate on 100 percent recycled water, over 1 million gallons per day, and prevent any water from being discharged into the storm drains and out to our oceans.

MPP significantly increases the amount of local electricity generation in Southern California, improving regional electric reliability and reducing reliance on long-distance transmission lines for energy delivery. Locating the power plant close to the demand center (the homes and businesses that will ultimately use the electricity) reduces losses that normally occur when sending electricity over major transmission lines by as much as 50 percent. This strategy helps serve consumers more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The new Magnolia plant is twice as efficient and produces 98 percent fewer emissions than the old units it replaced. It replaced four units with the total capacity of 115 MW, however, it only uses a third of the fuel they consumed. Besides controlling nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide emissions, the use of MPP also results in lower overall operating costs.

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