Rooftop Gardens/Green Roofs

A rooftop garden is one of three green roofs at the main BWP facility.

The renovation of the historic BWP Administration Building was designed to achieve a LEED Platinum rating in recognition of an energy efficient facility that is environmentally responsible, profitable, and a healthy place to work. A highlight of the sustainable features in this building is its rooftop gardens/green roof.

In 2011, BWP installed three green roofs at the main BWP facility, replacing its aging conventional roof. Energy cost savings from the installation of these roofs is estimated at over $14,000 annually.

These three state-of-the-art rooftop gardens use plants to absorb about 70 percent of the rainwater that falls on the building. Any rain water overflow is captured by two massive underground storage and percolation tanks buried under the adjacent solar-covered parking lot. The water then percolates through soil over time to recharge underground aquifers.

The rooftop gardens absorb CO2 emissions, filter air pollutants, and lower ambient air temperatures, reducing both the “heat island effect” and the energy needed to cool this historic building.

To learn more about BWP's rooftop gardens, click here.

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