The EcoCampus solar carport provides clean power to the first LEED Platinum Warehouse in California.

Burbank Water and Power has a long-time commitment to sustainability and works to create an energy future with renewable sources and energy efficiency. This forward-thinking municipal utility also endeavors to reduce water use, waste and GHG emissions through a variety of initiatives and policies that guide them.

33 Percent RPS by 2020

In June 2007, the Burbank City Council approved BWP's recommendation for a Renewable Portfolio Standard of 33 percent by 2020, making Burbank the first city to step up to this ambitious goal. Burbank’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) formally states the City’s goal in procuring electricity from renewable resources. Facilities can be located anywhere in the interconnected transmission system. BWP’s Integrated Resource Plan for energy outlines how BWP plans to meet the electrical needs of Burbank well into the future.

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Conserving Energy

Another important BWP goal is to help its residential and business customers reduce their need for electricity. Reducing demand for electricity has a fourfold reward - the community reaps environmental benefits, BWP avoids using higher cost generation resources, reduces carbon dioxide emissions from power plants, and Burbank residents and businesses save money. BWP actively encourages the best use of water and electricity by offering a variety of effective energy-efficiency and conservation programs to its residential and business customers. Additionally, starting in 2011 BWP installed new “smart meters” at all homes and businesses to improve its service.

Conserving Water

Since 2007, BWP has asked - and supplied tools and resources to - Burbank residents and businesses to conserve water in response to California’s water supply crisis. Total water consumed in Burbank dropped by more than 1 billion gallons from 2007 to 2011, a 22 percent decline. 

Additionally, BWP has instituted recycled water initiatives, and is rapidly expanding the Recycled Water System throughout Burbank.

In 2009, BWP adopted a policy that annually commits two percent of water sales to fund water conservation in Bu