Landscaping is an integral feature to BWP's EcoCampus.

Smart Grid Program

In 2011 BWP rolled out its Smart Grid Program, installing new electric and water meters at all homes and businesses it serves. These new “smart meters” help improve electric and water service and, over time, will provide customers with the information and tools that give them better control over their energy and water use and bills. Benefits from this infrastructure modernization include increased water and energy efficiency, better utilization of resources, enhanced system efficiencies, integration of renewable energy, and faster response time in the event of an outage. Continuous improvement through modernization and enhanced operational efficiency are vital to ensure BWP’s services remain affordable, reliable, and sustainable for all ratepayers.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

In 2011, BWP successfully advocated for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and free EV charging for nine months. In December 2011, BWP and the City of Burbank unveiledthe first two public EV charging stations in Burbank. There are now 11 EV charging stations installed in public locations throughout the city. The stations are funded by a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant as part of a DOE-sponsored program that will help meet the city-wide goal of improving sustainability. The Burbank City Council approved the BWP-proposed “charging holiday” plan for free charging until July 1, 2012 and $2 per hour thereafter. As part of this initiative, BWP will offer an off-peak pricing option and a $100 billing credit for EV chargers installed in Burbank homes. In addition to benefits to customers, the incentives will help BWP determine where vehicle chargers are currently being used and help the utility best manage its electrical distribution system and continue providing high electric reliability as more and more electric vehicles hit the road.

Water Conservation Programs

BWP’s commitment to sustainability extends to its water conservation programs, which will also help meet the requirements of Senate Bill X7-7, a law that requires all state water agencies to reduce water use 20 percent by 2020, as well as the City of Burbank’s 2008 policy mandating the use of recycled water for large irrigated landscaped areas and other purposes.

The utility’s Recycled Water System currently distributes over 660 million gallons of water annually and will reach over 1 billion gallons by 2013. The power plants located on the BWP campus use about 450 million gallons annually, with the balance used throughout the City, mostly for landscape irrigation, but also for industrial use, fire suppression and HVAC systems.  This is equivalent to the usage of about 1,300 single-family residences in Burbank. 

Other programs include the Water Fixture Upgrade mandate. BWP invested over $300,000 in low-flush toilet rebates and distributed 20,000 low-flow showerheads and 27,000 low-flow bathroom and kitchen aerators to support its customers in meeting the mandate. For residential properties, BWP requires the same retrofits to be completed upon resale of the property. 

In addition to rebates for purchasing water-saving appliances, BWP offers free landscape irrigation controller adjustment, personalized water consumption reports and low-flow showerhead and aerator installation for its residential customers through BWP’s award winning Green Home House Call program.  The Recycled Water Conversion Assistance Program (RWCAP) offers a rebate to assist Burbank customers converting to recycled water.







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