Green Affordable Housing at Los Vecinos

The Los Vecinos Affordable Housing Project was awarded LEED Platinum certification.

The Los Vecinos affordable housing project supports Chula Vista’s goals related to smart growth and sustainable community design, while serving broader community needs.  The complex, consisting of 12 one-bedrooms, 16 two-bedrooms, and 14 three-bedrooms, is open to individuals and families earning 60% or less than the area median income. 

At the time of construction, Los Vecinos received the highest score in the history of the LEED for Homes program.  Los Vecinos was a retrofit project – it was converted from an abandoned hotel, into apartments that can claim both economic and health benefits from residents.   The 42-unit apartment complex includes xeriscaping, permeable concrete, recycled materials, tankless water heaters, a cool roof, and a 93 kW photovoltaic system which provides 90% of the building's electricity needs.

The development is operated by Wakeland Housing and Development Corporation, which also offers a comprehensive set of resident services to individuals living at their properties. The programs are designed to meet the needs of the different populations living in their communities.  Youth populations, which can be especially vulnerable in low-income communities, are offered programs that are hands on and explore Science, Technology, the Arts, physical activities, and character development. Programs for Adults and seniors provide residents with opportunities to enhance and explore practical skills in computer literacy that are intended to increase their financial potential.  Programs are also offered relating to health and wellness, financial education, recreation and social activities. 

Funding for Los Vecinos came from various sources, including low-income housing and solar tax credits, and loans from California Community Reinvestment Corporation and the Redevelopment Agency of the City of Chula Vista. Construction began in March of 2008, and was completed in April, 2009. 

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