National Energy Center for Sustainable Communities

All municipal buildings are designed to exceed state energy efficiency standards
All municipal buildings are designed and constructed to exceed state energy efficiency standards and integrate on-site renewable energy systems.

The City of Chula Vista, in association with San Diego State University and the U.S. Department of Energy, created the National Energy Center for Sustainable Communities (NECSC).  The purpose of the NECSC is to research and showcase energy efficient and sustainable developments which are both technically and financially feasible. 

An essential element of the NECSC mission is the demonstration of technologies, plans, public policies and market-feasible business models for energy- and resource-efficient community development.  As one of the fastest growing cities in the nation and San Diego County’s second largest municipality, Chula Vista was selected as NECSC’s national demonstration site. 

Making Chula Vista a national demonstration site entails creating 20-30 showcase technology, land use and management practice demonstration sites across the City of Chula Vista. They will be embedded in residential, commercial, industrial, institutional and mixed-used projects located on Greenfield, Brownfield and Greyfield development sites across the City. Demonstrations will be established on both public and private properties, and in every type of structure representative of structures and infrastructure common to communities in the U.S.

In addition to new development and redevelopment sites, the NECSC will work closely with City of Chula Vista officials to establish advanced technology and management practice demonstrations at the City's solid waste and water quality (waste and potable water) management facilities and in individual municipal buildings.

 Together, these initiatives will establish the greatest concentration of permanent demonstration sites for energy- and resource-efficient development in the nation. Once in place, NECSC personnel will join City officials in providing guided tours through these sites for visitors from across the U.S. and around the world.

Demonstrated Technologies, Design Models & Practices

The NECSC demonstration sites will feature technologies, infrastructure and mobility systems, model community plans and site designs, all integrated to achieve maximum energy and resource efficiency and emissions reduction. These will include demonstrations of most of the following:

  • EE & RE Technologies & Systems
  • Building Technologies & Systems
  • Community Infrastructure & Mobility Systems
  • Energy-Efficient Urban Design
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