The City's NatureScape program helps residents and businesses incorporate water-
The City's NatureScape program helps residents and businesses incorporate water-wise, nature-friendly plants into their landscaping.

Chula Vista’s comprehensive approach to sustainability allows its programs and policies to complement each other. Chula Vista further leverages its programs through partnerships with other local, statewide, and national organizations and agencies. This section describes some of the City of Chula Vista’s community-based sustainability programs.

Home Upgrade, Carbon Downgrade

The Home Upgrade, Carbon Downgrade program is designed to facilitate the installation of energy-saving upgrades by helping residents and small businesses overcome common barriers such as acquiring upfront capital and simplifying the application processes to minimize time constraints for residents and small business owners. 


Free Resource and Energy Business Evaluation (FREBE)

Through the Free Resource and Energy Business Evaluation (FREBE) program, Chula Vista integrated energy and water efficiency evaluations into its business licensing process. Businesses receive a free energy and water evaluation of their facilities when their license is issued or renewed. City staff members perform approximately 1,200 evaluations annually.


Streetlight Assessment Project

The city’s Streetlight Assessment Project tested different lighting technologies to compare the relative energy and cost benefits among solid-state LED, high-pressure sodium, and induction technologies.  Based on the outcomes of these tests, the city intends to convert existing high-pressure sodium lamps to LED fixtures which will reduce energy consumption and extend maintenance periods without reducing existing light levels.  The City plans to begin converting 4,600 s