The City has converted over 125 heavy-duty vehicles in its fleet to biodiesel wh
The City has converted over 125 heavy-duty vehicles in its fleet to biodiesel which is refined from locally-collected restaurant waste oil.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting

The City of Chula Vista is the first local government in San Diego County to successfully report its GHG emissions through the Climate Registry and to participate in SDG&E’s Cool Planet Program, which reimburses the city’s costs for preparing and verifying its GHG emissions inventory. The city is eligible to participate in the Cool Planet Program because of its aggressive energy efficiency retrofit efforts on its municipal facilities.  Participation in the Climate Registry positions the City of Chula Vista for potential future carbon trading opportunities, and provides the city with a baseline for assessing the best opportunities to reduce emissions.

Local Government Partnership

The City of Chula Vista has been very successful in securing financing to implement its sustainability programs.  Since 2006, the City of Chula Vista and San Diego Gas & Electric (a Sempra Energy Utility) have been jointly implementing programs through SDG&E’s Local Government Energy Efficiency Partnership Programs. To date, the city has received more than $4 million to implement programs to reduce energy consumption at municipal facilities and throughout the community.  These funds are directed to promote energy efficiency, demand response and conservation programs, services and resources and to provide energy education and outreach to the community. 

The Local Government Energy Efficiency Partnership Program with SDG&E provides outreach and resources to residents and businesses in the local community.  Residents may receive free home energy assessments to identify potential energy and water savings opportunities.  Businesses may receive free assessments and resources to apply for incentives through SDG&E’s energy efficiency programs. Developers and contractors can receive free technical advice about permitting sustainable energy systems through the city’s “Sustainability Center.”  Finally, the programs also provide outreach to the community including information kiosks around the city and staffing at community events, among other activities.

Energy-Focused Municipal Bonds

The City of Chula Vista is researching opportunities to develop new revenue sources to promote clean energy and efficiency projects through creative use of municipal authority related to utility consumption, private development, and municipal projects.  For example, the city is currently investigating opportunities to issue Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) and Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds (QECBs), tax credit bond programs authorized by the federal government that are structured to allow public agencies to fund energy-saving projects and use the resulting cost savings to fully repay the bond debt.

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