Seizing Our Destiny

LEED Certified Utilities Customer Service building.

Riverside has also aspired to be a place where sensible economic policies and sustainable practices converge. Seizing Our Destiny, Riverside’s strategic plan for the future, consists of eleven strategic routes, which will position the City as a hub for innovation in the coming years. Strategic Route Five, entitled “Being a Green Machine”, establishes the City’s commitment to green business and development, stating that “Riverside is the international magnet and model for sustainable business, environmental innovation and green living with a synergistic partnership of industry, City leadership and residents”. 

As part of the Seizing Our Destiny initiative, Riverside offers special incentives to attract green companies and entrepreneurs. Many of these incentives are offered by Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) under the award-winning Environmental and Economic Effectiveness Effort (E4) Plan which fosters Riverside’s economic development while supporting sustainability initiatives. E4 helps to stabilize utility rates, encourages expanded use of renewable energy technologies and offers several aggressive business incentives and energy efficiency programs. Under E4, Riverside’s various rebate programs provide free audits and monetary rewards for improving energy and water efficiency as well as installing photovoltaic systems.

In 2010, City Council motioned to approve a new economic development rate structure in the City as part of E4, effectively incentivizing new green businesses to relocate to Riverside while also providing existing local business with a discount for continuing to operate in the area. Under the new rate structure, businesses would have to meet certain criteria to qualify as a high-tech, research, development, green technology or green manufacturing i