Tree Power Shade Giveaway Program

Riverside has taken many steps to increase, improve or restore urban nature to the City environment; expanding parks and open space, as well as planting trees and foliage across the City, helps to increase carbon sequestration and clean the air while restoring habitat for myriad birds, insects and other wildlife. Foliage and trees on or around City structures help to reduce stormwater runoff and increase energy efficiency as well as improve the aesthetic appeal of the facilities.

In 2001 the City launched its Tree Power Program and Campaign, aiming to increase Riverside’s urban forest by offering free shade trees to residents. This program is ongoing today, with the City offering one free shade tree per year to residents as well as $25 rebates for the purchase of up to five more. To qualify, customers must plant the trees within 10-35 feet of their home or business, improving the structure’s energy efficiency as well as local air quality. Riverside’s Tree Power program results in over $500,000 of direct economic investment into local nurseries, not to mention a potential increase in sales as City residents visit the nurseries to purchase their trees. Riverside's residents have planted over 13,000 trees in each of the past three years, with more than 110,000 trees planted in total over the past decade. 

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