City of Riverside's Green Action Plan Committee.

Over the past decade, Riverside has taken great strides in becoming a leader in urban sustainability, and as a result, the City has accomplished a long list of green goals. From alternative fueling stations to its many solar rooftops, Riverside is more than just green- it’s emerald. With an eye toward sustainability, clean and green measures now traverse the entirety of the City’s major efforts, influencing infrastructure, planning, and economic development, among others.

In 2005, Mayor Loveridge appointed the Clean and Green Task Force, which charged universities, civic organizations, communities of faith, private and nonprofit business, and local government with the development of a plan to make Riverside more sustainable. By 2007, the Task Force had developed the City’s first Green Action Plan (GAP), which aimed to improve air quality, reduce traffic congestion, and increase access to parks and open space.

In 2009, the GAP was revised to include more ambitious goals and objectives, aligned under eight major sections: energy, greenhouse gas emissions, waste, urban design, urban nature, transportation, water and healthy communities. Riverside’s Green Accountability Performance Committee, the new and expanded form of the previous Clean and Green Task Force, now consists of 40 dedicated volunteers from the public, business and education sectors who serve to monitor achievement of GAP objectives.

Today, Riverside’s achievements under the GAP have established the City as a leader in clean and green living. To learn more about the Green Action Plan’s initiatives click on the categories below:

  • Energy
    • Waste
    • Urban Design
    • Urban Nature
    • Transportation
    • Water
    • Healthy Communities
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