This hydroelectric pipe uses the flow of water to generate energy. Program

In order to decrease unnecessary water use, Riverside partnered with Riverside-based business The Toro Company to implement one of its most successful programs. Riverside Public Utilities’ award-winning water conservation program Free Sprinkler Nozzles encouraged customers to participate in a brief online water reduction lesson in order to receive up to 25 free residential or 100 free commercial sprinkler nozzles. The Precision-Series Nozzles created by The Toro Company can reduce water consumption by 20% for each replaced sprinkler head without adjusting run times or sprinkler controllers. This public-private partnership resulted in the distribution of 150,000 high-efficiency sprinklers and saved 850 million gallons of water.

Hydropower System:

In 2011, the City entered into a public-private partnership with Lucid Energy Inc., which led to the construction of the City’s award-winning in-pipe hydropower system. In seven months, the system generated over 23 MWh of clean, renewable, low-cost energy from rotating turbines inside the City’s water pipes, with no impact on water operations.  The efficiency of Lucid Energy's latest generation of the system has tripled, allowing it to be more easily and fruitfully replicated by other cities wishing to diversify their energy supply portfolio.

Solar Power:

As of 2010, 20% of Riverside’s power was being generated from renewable sources and 36% of power sources were non-greenhouse gas emitting, putting Riverside on its way to exceeding California’s Renewable Portfolio Standard objectives.  Total solar energy being produced in the City is already near 4.5 MW from 392 projects.  In addition, Riverside’s innovative Tequesquite Landfill Solar Project will also add between 5 MW and 10 MW of solar energy to Riverside’s renewable energy portfolio while creatively utilizing former landfill space.

Hydrogen Fueling:

Riverside opened the first hydrogen fueling station in the Inland Empire in 2006 and dedicated five hydrogen-powered, zero-emission Priuses to the City fleet. Today, the City also offers seven electric vehicle charging stations and 87% of Riverside’s non-emergency fleet is powered by alternative energy. The City now provides incentives of up to $2,000 for the purchase of electric vehicles including commercial applications.

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