drakes place
Drake’s Way units feature Energy Star rated appliances and windows that were oriented to allow natural heating from sunlight.

Sustainable Communities Initiative

EAH Housing recently launched the Building Sustainable Communities Initiative, a company wide effort built upon the three E’s of sustainability: environmental quality, economic vitality, and social equity. When assessing the environmental impact of any project, EAH considers the life cycle of a property, from site selection, land-use planning, and architectural design to construction materials and maintenance requirements. Some examples of these multi-faceted efforts to decrease the communities’ ecological footprints include: PV installation, material-efficient framing, passive lighting, locally sourced and recycled materials, Energy Star appliances, low-flow fixtures, irrigation-free native landscaping, use of less-toxic and low VOC materials, and the creation of a Green Operations and Maintenance Best Practices Manual.

For more information about EAH Housing, visit: http://www.eahhousing.org/

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