go solar
Gary Gerber, CEO of Sunlight and Power; Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin; and EAH Housing President and CEO Mary Murtagh at the ‘Crescent Park Goes Solar’ event.

Multifamily Solar Power

In 2009, EAH Housing installed a 900-kilowatt photovoltaic project at Crescent Park in Richmond—the largest multifamily affordable solar project in the US. This challenging retrofit was financed through a combination of California Solar Initiative (CSI) rebates, renewable energy tax credits, low-income housing tax credits, and utility cost savings. The project will provide 60% to 80% of Crescent Park’s electricity and displace 14,000 tons of CO2 emissions over its lifetime. Forty-two additional solar development projects with a combined capacity of 1,600 kilowatts are pending, making EAH one of the largest multifamily recipients of CSI incentives. EAH has also entered into three large Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) for renewable energy. Between its solar projects and its PPAs, EAH expects to be able to supply enough renewable energy to power 100% of the electricity needs of its entire housing portfolio. 

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