Eden Housing

Sara Conner Court Apartments is a new community built with EnergyStar appliances
Sara Conner Court Apartments is a new community built with EnergyStar appliances.

For 43 years, Eden Housing has carried out its mission to build and maintain high-quality, service-enhanced, affordable housing communities that meet the needs of lower-income families, seniors, and persons with disabilities. The mission is executed with an integrated service delivery model with the affiliate nonprofit, Eden Housing Resident Services, Inc., offering social services to support the individuals and families who live in Eden’s affordable rental communities. Eden stands out as one of the most productive and successful nonprofit affordable-housing developers in California.

Eden Housing Management, Inc. has over 4,500 apartments in its management portfolio across 75 different properties in 10 counties in California. Eden continues to be an early adopter of a wide range of sustainable and innovative technologies and practices. Some highlights include their aggressive green building standards, organizational goal setting around sustainability, resident education and engagement programs, the Digital Connectors and other youth programs, and the Affordable Housing Podcast.

Eden is recognized as "best in class" because it achieves broad organizational goals while showing a consistent commitment to environmental sustainability. Eden combines innovative development, quality management, supportive social services, and sustainable policies and practices in a comprehensive approach to create healthy, safe, and affordable residential communities.

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