First Community Housing

Casa Feliz Property.

First Community Housing (FCH) is a California Nonprofit, Public Benefit Corporation, located in San Jose. Since 1986 FCH has designed, developed and managed affordable housing for more than 3,200 low-income residents in 16 affordable developments throughout the San Francisco Bay region.  Its three core programs include: Creating high-quality, affordable rental housing; building sustainably; and providing exceptional residential services.

First Community Housing is recognized as ‘best in class’ within the affordable housing industry due to its commitment to sustainable development, which includes greening all new affordable housing developments to LEED® Gold standards and transforming its existing properties through a “green turnover” process. FCH currently has three LEED® Gold certified projects in operation, including the 60-unit Casa Feliz complex, which features the region’s first living ‘green’ roof.  In addition, FCH has created a