Murphy Ranch Property

Murphy Ranch's PV carport.

Murphy Ranch Family Townhomes in Morgan Hill, California provide 100 affordable family townhomes on approximately 7.2 acres of land. The townhomes, arranged in 4 and 5-plexes, feature a transit stop at their entry and are a two block walk from the CalTrans Station. Other property features include a solar heated swimming pool, solar heated showers, a recreation building, and photovoltaic panels on the carports.  These solar panels supply 95% of the building’s recreation and common area electricity needs.  The development exceeds California’s Title 24 Energy Requirements by 25%.A few of Murphy Ranch Townhomes’ innovative green construction and finishing products include the following:

  • ENERGY STAR appliances (gas)
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Low-flow water fixtures
  • Low water landscaping
  • Hydronic Heating which uses the hot water heater for space heating, savin