Sustainable Facilities Manager, Hamid Kaheli conducting a compositing workshop at Craig Gardens Senior Apartments.

First Community Housing has implemented multiple programs that promote sustainability and encourage employees and residents to go green.  A few of its outstanding program commitments include the following:

Green Resident Manual:

FCH developed this manual to educate tenants about sustainable living. The manual is distributed at move-in and explains green elements used in the apartments (ENERGY STAR appliance operation, fluorescent lighting, linoleum, recycled content carpeting, etc.) and details how to implement green practices such as energy conservation, how to recycle, benefits of using green cleaning supplies and how to obtain them, transit pass information and much more.  They also offer tenants orientation sessions at move-in that explain the green features of their new home.  The residents’ manual not only educates new residents but promotes and instills a ‘green’ sense of living that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Sustainable Facilities Manager (SFM): 

The SFM position was created to oversee the rehabilitation of existing units with green materials and insures that all of FCH’s buildings are maintained to green standards.  The SFM meets regularly with maintenance staff and has assisted in training them in a variety of tasks from sustainable cleaning techniques to HVAC filter replacement. The goal is to institutionalize the culture of green operations and maintenance by making maintenance staff the champions of sustainability.  The Sustainable Facilities Manager is a very innovative position and is unique among affordable housing developers.  In addition, FCH has four LEED Accredited Professionals and 2 LEED Green Associates on its 10-person staff.

Green Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual: 

With funding provided by the Home Depot Foundation, FCH was able to implement the O&M manual.  The manual helps ensure the correct maintenance, operation and replacement of its green products and systems at each development. The manual was developed with its commissioning agent to provide a standard format and structure that is easy for the O&M staff to use and follow.  FCH also conducted a structured 2-day building turnover process where vendors and contractors walked the O&M staff through systems to familiarize them with setup.  Because there is a lot of turnover among O&M staff, DVDs of the 2-day meet have been created for staff use. 

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