Rincon de Los Esteros solar-heated swimming pool.

First Community Housing’s commitment to sustainability is ongoing and evolving.  FCH recently completed its second ‘green’ living roof and have three more affordable apartments with vegetated rooftops ready for construction. By utilizing highly efficient, cutting edge technologies, FCH has implemented innovative, sustainable designs within all of its properties. Some of FCH's best-practice technologies include the following:


FCH developed this database, which includes sustainable building elements and their costs, as well as the costs of comparable non-sustainable elements. In creating GREENbase, FCH collaborated with the Green Affordable Housing Coalition and various other affordable housing developers, architects and contractors. FCH uses the database in the planning and design of affordable developments and throughout construction at critical decision points to determine where additional sustainable elements can be incorporated, depending upon funding available at any given point.

Photovoltaic Panels:

FCH has installed solar PV panels at nine of its fifteen properties. These panels provide electricity for common areas and solar heating of community swimming pools.

Water Efficient Landscaping:

FCH utilizes water efficient technologies that reduce the need for irrigation.  At Casa Feliz a state of the art irrigation control system is used to improve the performance and efficiency of the irrigation by monitoring local weather on a daily basis and automatically adjusting irrigation schedules accordingly.  Through the combination of site-appropriate landscaping and this water-efficient irrigation system, Casa Feliz is estimated to use 64% less potable water for irrigation compared to a conventional landscape and irrigation system.

Indoor Water Efficiency:

To reduce potable water within its buildings, FCH utilizes dual-flush toilets that use an average of 1.2 gallons per flush, low-flow faucets and showerheads with a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute. By implementing this method, the Casa Feliz property achieved a 36% reduction in indoor water use compared to standard designs.

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